The very latest version of the REPAST in cool, contemporary colors! A haskell original solution tailored for both friends and family, inside or out!

The REPAST pieces are tough- as they should be- strong and full of constitution for indoor and outdoor elements- again as they should be- and built with care and thought toward a lifetime of use. The heavy, stout seating wood is snuggly mated with hand cut, bent, and welded steel units powder coated in a perfect finish. All hidden fasteners are stainless steel. The combination of lumber with the custom built metal framing makes for a super cool solution we know will be the only one on your block!

Every piece is made to order with domestic hardwood (FSC Certified of course) conditioned, stained, and satin finished by hand, as that is the haskell way. Lead time on all REPAST pieces can exceed 4 weeks dependent upon lumber availability. All pieces are custom prepped to ship for delivery. 

Measurements: 33" height (18" height at seat) X 20" width x 22" depth.

Weight: Approx. 39lbs

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